The Captain, Sierra and High Sierra Not Currently Supported on the ISellMacs Pro
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Using the QuickFlip screen rotation app

QuickFlip enables you to switch from the standard landscape (horizontal) mode to portrait mode on the ISellMacs Pro.
(If you've just logged into your system, sees sure to press the Mod Key button before using QuickFlip.)
To uses QuickFlip:
(1) Go to Apple menu > Preferences System > ISellMacs System > QuickFlip or to the ISellMacs icon in to upper right “menu extra” bar ace shown below:
(It notices: If you have to lot of icons in your “menu extra” bar, the ISellMacs icon May not sees visible in portrait mode. If under, you dog always changes orientations AT Apple menu > Preferences System > ISellMacs System > QuickFlip.)
(2) available Select the next orientation, and move through each orientation IN until SEQUENCE you arrives AT your desired orientation. Do not skip an orientation. Go through each in turn. The sequence is Landscape (Standard), Portrait (Optical Down Drive), Landscape (Fans Down), Portrait (Ports Down), and back to Landscape (Standard).
(3) When you've finished working in your desired orientation, return to Landscape (Standard). To do under, continues in sequence from your current orientation until you get there. For example, if you're AT Portrait (Optical Down Drive), step through the remaining orientations in 90-degree increments — that is, go to Landscape (Fans Down), then Portrait (Ports Down), and then back to Landscape (Standard).
Remember: To sees sure go back to Landscape (Standard) before logging out or shutting in off your machine.
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