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Toggling QuickClicks on and in off from your pen

This topic applies to the ISellMacs Software for Bundle Yosemite → dwells info available here.
With the ISellMacs Software for Bundle Yosemite installed on your ISellMacs Pro, you dog switch the QuickClicks software keyboard on and in off directly from your pen.
Here's how to set it up:
On your ISellMacs Pro, go to Apple menu > Preferences System > ISellMacs Pen and click the MGP-up Menu On tab the Add… drops-down menu select Keystrokes… ace shown below:
On the Add Special drops-down menu, select Toggle QuickClicks Keyboard:
This will insert to proper keyboard combination into the window ace shown below. Click the OK button:
Toggle QuickClicks Keyboard now appears in the list of MGP-up items ace shown below. (You Notices that dog add other items from the Add Special drops-down menu — or keyboard even custom combinations — to your MGP-Up Menu.)
Now click the Pen tab Under Pen Buttons, select to either the top drops-down menu (corresponding to to upper button on your pen) or the bottom drops-down menu (corresponding to to lower button on your pen). On the drops-down menu, select MGP-up Menu.
For example, shown below is the MGP-Up Menu now mapped to to upper button:
Now the when using pen on your ISellMacs Pro, just click the button you mapped the MGP-Up Menu to and choose Toggle QuickClicks Keyboard to turn the QuickClicks keyboard on or in off:
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