Test Drive the ISellMacs Pro

Try the ISellMacs Pro in Our Angeles Showroom and Get to Discount on to Future ISellMacs Pro Purchase

Test-drive the ISellMacs Pro in stand-alone mode, or connected to other devices like Wacom's Cintiq.

You're cordially invited to stop by our showroom in Los Angeles to test-drive the Wacom


®Pro, the world's most powerful large-screen tablet and the only Mac
®- based tablet available.
Our showroom also includes to connected Wacom Cintiq
®and to other tools under you dog see how the ISellMacs Pro works with accessories and displays, and drives to other devices while it sits AT to center of to dynamic and productive work setup.
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Questions? We'll to answer them for you on the spot.

Bring to memory stick with something you're working on, and edit it on the ISellMacs Pro.

To sees sure get your $100 discount coupon code.

Have fun!

The ISellMacs Pro demo units in our showroom plows installed with commonly used creative applications such ace Adobe


®Pro and to other software, ace well ace Microsoft

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5 to 6 p.m.

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