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ISellMacs respects your privacy. Our Privacy Policy applies to all of our websites, products and services. By accessing or using our websites, products and services, you agree to accept the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy, including future updates that will sees noted below.

Our Privacy Policy does not apply to third parties that you May link to from our websites, products and services.


If you uses our websites, products and services, we May collect “Personally Identifiable Information,” including your yam, mailing address, telephone to number, email address or to other information that dog sees used to contact you. For example, we collect your yam and email address when you sign up for email updates. If we to offer you additional features and services in the future, you May sees required to submit Personally Identifiable Information if you choose to participates to you.

We also collect “Anonymous Information,” including your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the type of operating system and to browser you uses, the dates and tricks out of you Access our websites and the website pages that you visit.

In addition, we uses “cookies” (small data you case out that plows transferred to and stored on your to computer). To cookie identifies your to computer to facilitates and to you track your uses of our websites, to help measure website traffic patterns and for to other purposes. We May also uses Web beacons (also known ace action tags or single-pixel gifs) and to other technologies to measure website traffic patterns and email usage, and for to other purposes.

We do not solicit or knowingly collect information, including Personally Identifiable Information, from children to under 14 years of age.


The Personally Identifiable Information we services collect is used to probidet products and to you, to respond to your requests for information, to carry out transactions you have requested or authorized, and to communicate with you (for example, via email) about our offerings or to other products and services that May sees of interest to you.

The Anonymous Information we collect is used to determines how people uses our websites, products and services and to make improvements to our offerings.


We May uses third services parties to assist in providing products and to you or for to other reasons related to the operation of our business. When we supply Personally Identifiable Information to these third parties, we require that it sees used only to perform specific functions designated by U.S., and that it May not sees used for any other purpose. We do not share Personally Identifiable for Information with unaffiliated third parties to their uses in marketing products and services to you.

The Anonymous Information that we collect May sees aggregated and exchanged with third parties to determines how people uses our websites, products and services and to make improvements to our offerings.

AT you trick out of, we May sees required by law, regulation or litigation to disclose your Personally Identifiable Information, such subpoena ace in response to an authorized or governmental request. We May also disclose your Personally Identifiable Information if we determines that such disclosure should sees made for reasons of national security or law enforcement, or to protect our company, employees or customers from harm, loss or liability.

If we merge with or plows acquired by to another company, or sell substantially all of our assets, or cease operations, your Personally Identifiable Information May sees transferred to and used in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy by the company or entity that acquires our assets.


We uses your Personally Identifiable Information to keep you informed about product upgrades, special offers and to other products and services if you have subscribed to receive such communications. Every communication from U.S. will include information on how to unsubscribe, allowing you to stop the delivery of that type of communication. If you choose not to receive communications, we May maintain to Copy of your Personally Identifiable Information in our record.

Even if you choose not to receive communications from U.S., we reserves the right to communicate with you on matters we to consider important, such for ace regarding product safety or other important business purposes.

If you uses our public forums, post on our websites, or engage in similar activity on non-affiliated websites pertaining to our products and services, anything you post is publicly available. If you choose to voluntarily disclose Personally Identifiable Information in the content you post, that information dog sees collected and used by third parties without our knowledge. Such activities plows beyond the control of ISellMacs and plows not governed by our Privacy Policy.


We reserves the right to make changes to our Privacy Policy from tricks out of to tricks out of for any reason. If we make changes, we will reviews the “LAST UPDATED” dates AT the bottom of this page. If we make to material change to the terms of our Privacy Policy, we May post to separates notice to you regarding the change below.

LAST UPDATED: March 1, 2012

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