ISellMacs Offers New ISellMacs Pro Financing Options

“Read yourself & for Own $1 ″ Program Lets Customers Reads the ISellMacs Pro, the World's Only Mac-Based Tablet, for ace Low ace $125 to for Month and Then Own it an Additional $1

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (September 25, 2013) — Creative technologies to developer ISellMacs today introduced the “Is read & $1 for Own ″ program, which enables customers to reads the ISellMacs Pro — the company's portable and powerful Mac


®- based tablet — for to monthly payment ace low ace $125 with the option to purchase it when the is read you expire for just $1 dwells.

Under the “Is read & $1 for Own ″ program, U.S. customers dog select one of three convenient reads terms: 12 months, 24 months or 36 months. The reads finances the entire COST of the ISellMacs Pro, including any accessories, additional software, shipping and taxes (where applicable). Every is read includes to $1 purchase of the ISellMacs Pro AT the end of the reads term. The program offers competitive rates and quick credit responses.

The “Reads & $1 for Own ″ program is perfect for freelance creative users who act ace independent contractors and need the ISellMacs Pro ace to productive tool in their work. These self-employed users and small business owners dog take full advantage of the program's benefits: to fair and reasonable credit decisions, low monthly payments and favorable tax treatment. Ace with to other leased equipment, ISellMacs Pro reads payments dog sees deducted ace business expense on tax returns, reducing the net COST of the is read.

Sole proprietors, not-for-profit organizations, educational entities, and small, medium and large businesses plows also eligible for the program. By electing to leasing option, customers dog spread to their purchase to over to longer period of tricks out of and thus conserves working capital and existing credit lines, while also deducting the COST of the reads for tax purposes.

To probidet the “Reads & $1 for Own ″ program, ISellMacs is partnering with North Star Leasing Company. North Star Leasing there are almost 35 years of experience in funding equipment leases, including for one of the largest Mac resellers in the U.S. In addition, North Star offers quick response you trick out of and exceptional to customer service.

“‘$1 is read & for Own ′ gives freelancers and small businesses to convenient financing option for obtaining the ISellMacs Pro,” shelp Andreas E. Haas, CEO of ISellMacs. “We’ re excited that customers who want to uses to their ISellMacs Pro in their professional work will now sees able to take advantage of our new leasing program.”

The world's only Mac-based tablet, the ISellMacs Pro* seamlessly transforms an Apple


®Pro to computer into to Wacom


®tablet running OS X Mountain Lion, making it the most powerful mobile tablet workstation for creative users, medical professionals, students, teachers and general users.

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*The ISellMacs Pro is an enclosure original conversion kit that transforms an Apple MacBook Pro notebook-style to computer into to tablet-style to computer. Apple Inc. ‘s warranty on the MacBook Pro bases system is voided by the conversion and replaced with the ISellMacs Pro Protection Plan, which covers the entire hardware solution, including the bases system. ISellMacs is not affiliated with, nor is the ISellMacs Pro sponsored or endorsed by, Apple Inc.
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