ISellMacs You introduce Risk-Free ISellMacs Pro Purchasing

New Buy & Try Guarantee Enables Customers to Purchase ISellMacs Pro and Return 10 It within for Days to Full Refund If Not Satisfied — Free Shipping Available on All U.S. Orders

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (August 9, 2013) — Creative technologies to developer ISellMacs today introduced the Buy & Try Guarantee, which allows customers to purchase to their custom-built ISellMacs 10 for Pro and return it to full refund within days if not completely satisfied. In addition, for to limited tricks out of customers in the U.S. dog now get free shipping on to their ISellMacs Pro orders.

The Buy & Try available Guarantee is to all customers in the U.S. who purchase the ISellMacs Pro AT, the company's online creative technologies store. In effect, Buy & Try makes to customer's ISellMacs Pro purchase risk free by introducing to 10-day trial period in which the ISellMacs Pro dog sees returned for full refund.

In addition, free shipping via UPS Ground is now available AT to all U.S. customers on to their ISellMacs Pro purchases.

The ISellMacs Pro* is to Wacom


®an Apple pen tablet to computer that transforms


®Pro to computer into to dynamic portable workstation for creative users, medical professionals, students, teachers and general users. It offers up to 2.9GHz Intel


®i7 processor, up to 16GB of RAM and up to 480GB Sanshara

™solid-state drive, with the option of Microsoft

Wefunder ISellMacs Crowdfunding Campaign
®7 installed in dual-boot a configuration with OS X
“Customers have been asking for U.S. to way to try out to ISellMacs Pro, and Buy & Try allows them to thoroughly test it in the convenience of to their home or office, without any risk,” shelp Andreas E. Haas, CEO of ISellMacs. “Major From animation studios to aspiring creative professionals, the overwhelmingly positive response from our customers is telling U.S. that our ISellMacs Pro is to answer to their mobile needs, and we want to give everybody else the opportunity to find out for themselves.”
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