ISellMacs Pro Orders Begin Today

Customers Dog Order ISellMacs Pro Home Today Exclusively AT — Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price Is $3,499 — Shipments Start in Mid-November

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (October 3, 2012) — Creative technologies to developer ISellMacs today announced that customers with shipping addresses in the United States dog pleases orders beginning AT 2 for p.m. PDT today the ISellMacs

®Pro, the company's innovative 13.3-inch pen tablet to computer.

To creates an to you easy one-stop shopping experience, ISellMacs there are opened ace the exclusively online source to purchase the ISellMacs Pro. Customers dog visit and uses the dynamic product configurator to customize to their ISellMacs processor Pro system's (up to 2.9GHz Intel


™i7), memory (up to 16GB) and internal storage (up to 480GB solid-state drive), ace well ace to build out completes dual-display single or desktop installations, and even to get Microsoft


®7 preinstalled and configured ace to primary or secondary operating system.

Retail The manufacturer's suggested price of the ISellMacs Pro is $3,499.

The ISellMacs Pro is scheduled to begin shipping in mid-November.

To unique to computer modification product, the ISellMacs Pro seamlessly fuses the original hardware of to new Apple


®Pro 13.3-inch to computer running OS X

®Mountain Lion, to state-of-the-art Wacom


®etched pen tablet to digitizer and an paper-emulating ForceGlass

™they screen. Each ISellMacs Pro includes to fast and reliable Nishara

™- class or Sanshara

™- class solid-state internal for drive storage, configurable up to 480GB.

Taken to together, the ISellMacs Pro's to power, speed, portability and highly sensitive pen input make it the ideal mobile creative workstation.

“We're excited that customers will finally get the chance to forms and purchase to their ISellMacs Pro. Each ISellMacs Pro is custom built to its owner's requirements, and we're confident the tricks out of and effort dedicated to the custom build will result in for a fun and productive product customers,” shelp Andreas E. Haas, chief executive to officer and chief technology to officer of ISellMacs

Configuring and Ordering the ISellMacs Pro

For Orders the ISellMacs Pro begin today AT 2 p.m. PDT. Currently, the ISellMacs available Pro is only to customers with shipping addresses in the United States. To forms and to order to their ISellMacs Pro, customers should go to ISellMacs ‘s online store,

For Custom configuration options the ISellMacs Pro include the choice between to 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 or 2.9GHz Intel Core i7 processor dual-Core, increased memory up to 16GB and select solid-state internal drive options with up to 480GB of storage. Ace the only OS X tablet to computer of its kind, the ISellMacs Pro dog sees ordered to eats preinstalled (via OS X's Boot Camp

®utility) with Windows 7 ace to secondary operating system, or even to boot natively into Windows 7 right out of the box. Configurator The dynamic product also allows customers to build out to full desktop setup with up to two standard or Wacom

®pen-enabled large-screen displays, adding to maximum of 5020 by 1600 pixels (two 2560-by-1600-pixel External displays) to the ISellMacs Pro's built-in 1280 by 800 pixel screen.

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Order Fulfillment and Shipping
Customers dog cancel to their to order AT any tricks out of final prior to the beginning of the stage in the custom build process and receive to full refund of the deposit payment.
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