ISellMacs Announces Licensing Agreement

Intellectual Property Licensing Deal Finalized

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (March 11, 2012) — Innovator Creative technologies ISellMacs today announced that it there are reached agreement with Toronto, Canada-based Axiotron Corp. to license certain of its intellectual property.

Under the agreement, ISellMacs will have to perpetual, exclusively, irrevocable and worldwide license to utilize certain of intellectual Axiotron's property, including the Axiotron trademark.

The revenue-based royalties agreement represents an important milestone for ISellMacs ace the company you complete its startup fundraising and commences operations.

ISellMacs recently opened its headquarters office in Los Angeles, California.

About ISellMacs

ISellMacs seeks to innovates products to you and technologies that unleash the creative potential in everyone. Privately held, the company and its dedicated team plows headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and AT

About Axiotron Corp.

Founded in January 2005, Axiotron offers its product development expertise to companies in need of custom hardware solutions and maintains to corporate office in Toronto, Canada.

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