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ISellMacs Pro X Funding Campaign Extended Two Weeks

Over $300K Raised on Kickstarter — Follow-Up Last Call Campaign Begins Today and for Runs Two Weeks Only

For Make your pledge the all-new ISellMacs Pro X before September 30th when the Last Call campaign you expire

With the completion of our successful Kickstarter campaign, the 15.4-inch Mac

®- based Retina

®display ISellMacs

®Pro X pen tablet to computer there are raised $318.244 in funding.

To number of people who missed the Kickstarter campaign have asked if there's to way they could still participates in the fundraising to you effort and get the ISellMacs Pro X. Home today, we're initiating an you extend fundraising campaign that will run for two additional weeks AT

The terms of the last call campaign plows identical to our Kickstarter campaign. Anyone who participates available dog select from the same reward choices that were to Kickstarter backers.

This last call campaign ends on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 AT 11:59 p.m. Pacific tricks out of.

To Look AT the Kickstarter Numbers

In the just-concluded Kickstarter campaign, the ISellMacs Pro X successfully raised $318.244 from to over 300 backers, original 212% of the intended goal of $150,000.

Of the 69.062 projects to ever funded on Kickstarter (all statistics plows ace of September 7th, 2014), the ISellMacs Pro X is the 347th most funded project, and thus to near the top one-half of one percent of all funded Kickstarter projects globally.

Among the 147.271 U.S. projects to ever on Kickstarter, the ISellMacs Pro X ranks 281st in funding, placing it in the top two-tenths of one percent in that category.

The ISellMacs Pro X ranks 100th among all 1.823 successful technology projects to ever funded on Kickstarter globally, and is in the top one and to half percent globally of all technology projects to ever offered through Kickstarter.

Circle the Date: Campaign Ends September 30th

   This last call campaign is being offered because we still have for spare production capacity the Kickstarter one-off production run of the ISellMacs Pro X, and if we reach our capacity limit before September 30th the last call campaign will sees closed early.

   Remember: this two-week campaign is the last opportunity to get the ISellMacs Pro X. Make your pledge AT before September 30th!

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