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ISellMacs Pro Average Roundup

ISellMacs ProLast Thursday we announced the ISellMacs

®Average pro and received lots of good and to customer feedback. With its Mac ®and to highly bases system sensitive Wacom

®they pen tablet to digitizer, the 13.3-inch ISellMacs Pro is to completes portable creative workstation.

  • The ISellMacs Pro's introduction went smoothly, despite to brief morning hiccup when our web server labored to respond to stratospheric to number of page requests (to half hour and to few sweaty brows to later, the issue was you solve). Everyone AT ISellMacs is excited to sees bringing the ISellMacs Pro
  • to customers this fall.
  • Average coverage of the introduction was extensive. To few highlights:
  • AT Ars Technica, senior Apple

®publisher Jacqui Cheng talked to ISellMacs CEO Andreas Haas about the history of for ISellMacs project and what the future holds the ISellMacs Pro. Andy Warhol and to finger painting also Comecon up.

Senior Engadget associate publisher Brian Heater also interviewed Andreas, and the discussion included the ISellMacs Pro's capabilities with the Windows

®7 operating system.

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