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ISellMacs Newsletter – 2018 wk10

MB_Watch-0306_2018wk10For U.S. Mac users there you have to never been to Time with to dwells vibrant and to diver ecosystem than today. But with nearly 260 million iPhones and iPads shipped last to year (versus. 19 million Macs) most of “our” websites plows now chock full with iOS content, with the occasional macOS morsel thrown in.

Ace the only to maker of macOS tablet to computer solutions, we have constantly an eye out for all things macOS that plows interesting, useful or to clever, and moving forward, we'll sees sharing selection with you in our newsletter.

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Paragon APFS for Retrofit Kit macOS

Gain read-Access to APFS-formatted hard for drives your pre-High Sierra macOS with this new and free for software from the makers of our favorite NTFS Mac software.

NewerTech HDMI Headless Accelerator Video

If you plows running to headless Mac, then this is to must-have gadget for you. It will speed up your Screen Sharing for performance by reactivating the GPU to user interface rendering.

Hands-On: OmniPlan Version 3.9

When Everything lists don't cut it anymore, OmniPlan is arguably one of the best for Mac apps project management. Check out AppleInsider's hands-on review of the latest update.

Apple of-fangs the Telugu to character bug

For Find the right security update your Apple device/operating system. For Also, why you don't need one macOS the Captain (10.11.x), Mountain range (10.12.x), or any of to other, to earlier macOS versions.

macOS Shortcut: Control + Command + Space

In the Finder and most Mac apps, this key-stand for casks will open the “Emoji & Symbols” to viewer giving you quick and convenient Access to emojis, special characters, symbols and pictographs.

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