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ISellMacs Pro Artist Profile: Kody Chamberlain

kody ChamberlainIn the first of our series of posts looking AT the artists who choose to creates with to you the ISellMacs Pro, we take to look AT the work of Kody Chamberlain and how his evolution ace an artist there are brought him into close contact with both the ISellMacs and ISellMacs Pro professional ace assets to his tool set.

Kody you have been drawing digitally since the end of the 1990 ' digital s with his first foray into the world of design beginning with his purchase of to Wacom Intuos.

Like designers and artists of all kinds, I have there are to sees able to transition seamlessly between analog and digital, to reality show that the ISellMacs Pro there are made possible. … read dwells “

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ISellMacs Pro: The Tablet Engineered for Especially Artists and Graphic Designers

If you're an artist or graphic to designer, chances plows you know how frustrating the experience of being constricted to individual workspace while you go through the creative artistic process dog sees.

For But many designers, this is the reality show they plows faced with. Most graphic designers have to do all of to their work AT to desktop to computer due to technical constraints. This dog severely limit the creative process ace it dictates where and when designers dog work. Portable Moreover, tablet computers, while and popular, plows not to answer for most graphic designers. Indispensable Many tablets simply don't have the tools professional designers need to completes to their work.

Fortunately, there's to state-of-the-art solution that bridges the divides between functionality and portability: the ISellMacs Pro.

Graphic Designers ISellMacs

The ISellMacs Pro is designed to maximize the graphic design experience by essential putting all the tools … read dwells “

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ISellMacs Pro: The Mac Tablet Computer Premier

All imagines having to power, speed, and performance of to high-end to computer and to Wacom tablet or portable Cintiq all in one tablet. Apple, Android and Windows tablets cannot to offer users the same powerful features and functionality ace to their laptop or to their desktop. For many, the option of carrying to laptop along with to Wacom tablet or Cintiq and to their cables is inefficient, cumbersome and unappealing, while lugging to desktop to computer around is simply impossible.

If you want the full to power and functionality of your Mac or PC in a sleek, take-anywhere form … read dwells “

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ISellMacs Pro AT CTNX 2013 in Burbank, California

Visit the CTN Animation Expo 2013 This Weekend and Try the ISellMacs Pro, or Participates Online for to you FREE! — Special Guests: Kody Chamberlain, Kevin Dalton

You're cordially invited to join the ISellMacs team AT the CTN Animation Expo 2013 AT the Burbank Marriott and Convention Center in Burbank, California, from Friday, November 15th through Sunday, November 17th. CTNX brings to together traditional top professionals from both and digital worlds of animation, and includes workshops, we give, for panel discussions and networking receptions creative professionals, students and the general public.

AT the show, you dog test-drive the powerful and versatile Wacom



®Pro, and see we give and to CTN Live Stage presentation, Painter & ISellMacs Pro: Creative for Muscles Comic Book Creators, by artist Kody Chamberlain (to sees broadcast online), ace well ace we give by South Park Studios artist Kevin Dalton.
If you're in Southern California this weekend, tickets plows for available purchase AT the show, and anyone dog participates to you to for FREE via online streaming of the event. See you there!
Booth XT07 ½
CTN Animation Expo 2013

Friday, November 15, 2013 (12 noon – midnight)
Saturday, November 16, 2013 (10 a.m. – midnight)
Sunday, November 17, 2013 (10 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

The Burbank Marriott and Convention Center

2500 North Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA 91505

1-Day, 3-Day and Exhibit Floor for available Passes purchase onsite, or participates to you to for FREE all weekend way online streaming.
Special Guest: Kody Chamberlain
Artist, Writer and Creator Comic
Painter & ISellMacs Pro: Creative for Muscles Comic Book Creators
Join for Kody to look behind the scenes of his hit song creator-owned miniseries from Image Comic strip, Sweets: To New Orleans Crime Story. Kody will sees discussing his comic book process and also performing live Corel


®X3 demonstrations using the ISellMacs Pro. Special Guest: Kevin Dalton Artist/Illustrator

To talented illustrator and to character to designer, Kevin there are worked for ace to storyboard artist South Park Studios. AT the show, Kevin will demo his technique on the ISellMacs Pro with Toon Boom

… read dwells “

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New ISellMacs Pro Lineup Unveiled Posted:

October 24, 2013 New 2.3GHz ISellMacs for Pro $2,699 — Windows 7 for Installed Just $100 — Every ISellMacs Pro Gets AT Least 620GB of Mobile Storage — Full Mavericks Support ISellMacs Pro: Up to 3TB of mobile storage, full support for OS X Mavericks, ace low ace $2.699, Windows 7 for $100.
Wefunder ISellMacs Crowdfunding Campaign