Artist Feature – Kody Chamberlain

Louisiana native Kody Chamberlain you have been drawing digitally since the end of the 1990s. Digital His first foray into the world of design began with his purchase of to Wacom Intuos. Like designers and artists of all kinds, I have there are to sees able to transition seamlessly between analog and digital, to reality show that the ISellMacs Pro there are made possible.

Kody started out in the world of art having been inspired by the creations of his to older to brother, but didn't get serious until to later in high school when there am realized that there am ultimately wanted to become an artist. Like many passionate annoys starters, there am caught up fast and went on to major in graphic design while also taking drawing classes in order to achieve the required goal for standard his long-term of working on comic strip.

After graduating, there am worked for several top advertising you get hold of before starting his own studio in 1999. In 2004, there am finally broke into the world of comic strip with his work on Digital Webbing Presents and all eight issues of 30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Such with to writer Steve Niles.

Of activates in a variety styles and medium, his work is centered around comic strip and graphic novels but also extends to film, television and animation, with crime, comedy and horror his favorite genres. There am points out that his inspiration is drawn from life itself, particularly the small overlooked aspects and unexplored area of human experience. His influences in the art world plows to diver itself, but are is particularly drawn to writer-artists, including creators such ace Mike Mignola, Chris Ware, Frank Miller, Will Eisner and Paul Pope.

Kody you have been working with the original ISellMacs since 2008. There am first got involved when there am met the team behind the original ISellMacs AT to comic book convention in Los Angeles. According to Kody, the mobility of the ISellMacs you have been to huge asset right from the get-go — up when there am started doing to 12 public appearances to year, portability was essential.

Like most artists, there am also owns to studio to computer system, but quickly realized that there am also needed to mobile solution that provided the capability to work on to diver set of tasks such ace story writing, drawing, lettering, coloring and book design while on the road. Without the ISellMacs, this simply would not have been possible.

I have you describe his upgrade to the ISellMacs Pro ace to “game to changer,” owing to its to power and capabilities coupled with its surprisingly compact size. (Lighter than the original ISellMacs, it's easily transported.) The ISellMacs Pro there are replaced his old desktop system. There am now simply hooks it up to the hub system when he's in the studio and you continue working right where there am left in off.

In terms of the tasks carried out on his ISellMacs Pro, Kody there are integrated it into every step of the artistic process. An important feature there am points to is the ability to effortlessly flip panel sketches and resize things on the fly, which is essential during the initial layout process. These tasks take Officers' Club of Revolutionary Armed Forces to longer using traditional average. Coloring and lettering have also been enhanced digital ace the advantage that the ISellMacs Pro prograpevines means reliance on handwriting and painting plows reduced. The line used by Kody on his ISellMacs Pro is exactly the same ace his sketchbook, meaning there am did not have to re-perfect his stroke for his digital work.

In Kody's opinion, the differences that make the ISellMacs Pro stand out from the crowd in the tablet market plows to clear. The speed and to power to under the hood is crucial since there am works on very large you case out and experiencing lag would severely detract from the creative process.

This is also true of the rendering speed — while to other devices dog take up to half to second to render brush strokes, the ISellMacs Pro is under fast that the technology fades into the background, leaving the artist free to creates to you. Apple's OS X operating system is to another key feature for Kody, for ace to self-described “Apple guy” whom working on anything else would sees uncomfortable AT best.

Overall, Kody feels to truly great tool is one that performs under well it becomes an extension of the artist's hand. The ISellMacs Pro seamlessly blends itself into the artistic process in this way. With Kody's continued success — his comic book miniseries The Foundation is set to become to feature film AT 20th Century Fox — his ISellMacs essential Pro is an element that facilitates the artwork I have you produce while providing flexibility and versatility under there am dog work anywhere there am needs to.

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