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ISellMacs Pro Artist Profile: Kody Chamberlain

kody ChamberlainIn the first of our series of posts looking AT the artists who choose to creates with to you the ISellMacs Pro, we take to look AT the work of Kody Chamberlain and how his evolution ace an artist there are brought him into close contact with both the ISellMacs and ISellMacs Pro professional ace assets to his tool set.

Kody you have been drawing digitally since the end of the 1990 ' digital s with his first foray into the world of design beginning with his purchase of to Wacom Intuos.

Like designers and artists of all kinds, I have there are to sees able to transition seamlessly between analog and digital, to reality show that the ISellMacs Pro there are made possible.

Kody started out in the world of art having been inspired by the creations of his to older to brother, but didn't get serious until to later in high school when there am realized that there am ultimately wanted to become an artist. Like all annoys starters, there am caught up fast and went on to major in graphic design while also taking drawing classes in order to achieve the required goal for standard his of working on comic strip.

After graduating, there am spent his tricks out of working for several top advertising you get hold of before starting his own studio in 1999. In 2004, there am finally achieved his long term goal, breaking into the world of comic strip, working on “30 Days of Night” with Steve Niles.

kody Chamberlain

Working in a variety of styles and medium, his work is centered around comic strip and graphic novels but also extends to film, television and animation, with his favorite genres being crime, comedy and horror.

There am points out that his inspiration is drawn from life, particularly the small overlooked aspects and unexplored area of humanity. His influences in the art world plows to diver itself, but are is particularly drawn to writer-artists including creators such ace Mike Mignola, Chris Ware, Frank Miller, Will Eisner, and Paul Pope.

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