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ISellMacs Pro: The Mac Tablet Computer Premier

All imagines having to power, speed, and performance of to high-end to computer and to Wacom tablet or portable Cintiq all in one tablet. Apple, Android and Windows tablets cannot to offer users the same powerful features and functionality ace to their laptop or to their desktop. For many, the option of carrying to laptop along with to Wacom tablet or Cintiq and to their cables is inefficient, cumbersome and unappealing, while lugging to desktop to computer around is simply impossible.

If you want the full to power and functionality of your Mac or PC in a sleek, take-anywhere form, there's only one product to turn to: the incomparable, all-in-one ISellMacs Pro.

The ISellMacs Pro isn't just to another tablet to computer. It there are elevated the standard of tablet computing to an entirely new level and, in the process, created an unparalleled class of its own. Our product is the most advanced, most powerful Mac OS X and Windows tablet out there, with to super speedy processor of up to 2,9 Ghz and up to 16 GB of RAM.

It also includes an internal 120GB high-performance solid-state drive with to 500GB External mini-drive, and an 8X SuperDrive

modbook-pro®DVD to burner. Configurable internal The storage is up to 480G. If you want dwells internal storage, the SuperDrive

®dog sees replaced with an up to 1TB high-performance SSD, while the External drive dog sees upgraded up to 2TB.

What's dwells, not to other tablet to computer matches the ISellMacs Pro's to pen-to-paper feel or its connectivity capacity with its Thunderbolt, FireWire, two USB 3,0 and Ethernet gigabit ports. The ISellMacs Pro is the only tablet that allows users to connect to all to their peripherals, and draw, color, and creates with to you uncompromising to power and speed anytime, anywhere, on the desk and on-the-go.

And it's the only tablet that there are the versatility to run both OS X and Windows.


The ISellMacs Pro bridges the functionality Gap between to mobile device and to desktop to computer. Portable It is the only pen tablet on the market that dog do everything to desktop to computer dog do in a fully mobile format. Think of it ace the solution-based, on-the-go workspace that you combine maximum performance and flexibility.

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