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Introducing Mod-Your-Own

Get to ISellMacs for Pro Ace Low Ace $1.999 by Converting Your Existing MacBook Pro Base System

Home today, there's to new way to get to ISellMacs Pro — by having your own MacBook Pro converted into one!

Available Mod-Your-Own is to new service to customers in the U.S. and compatible Canada that enables you to send in your MacBook

®Pro bases for system conversion to ISellMacs

®Pro low pen tablet to computer for ace ace $1,999.

If you like, we'll even send you to prephelp shipping box to make it easy for you to send in your MacBook Pro!

To New Way to Get to ISellMacs Pro

The ISellMacs Pro you to order through Mod-Your-Own is the same ace any to other ISellMacs Pro, built from to brand new ISellMacs for Pro enclosure conversion kit and covered against defects 90 days through the ISellMacs Pro Protection Plan (with an extension up to one to year available).
You dog forms your ISellMacs Pro with up to 16GB of RAM and up to 480GB Sanshara
™solid-state drive, and even have Microsoft


®7 installed in dual-boot a setup alongside OS X

It forms Your

  • ISellMacs Pro
  • with Mod-Your-Own

Like every ISellMacs Pro, your Wacom

®system will have 1.024 levels of pen pressure sensitivity.
How It Works


Your determines if 13-inch MacBook Pro is compatible with the ISellMacs Pro enclosure conversion kit. To do this, go to Apple menu > About This Mac > More Info > Report System and select Hardware. Under Overview Hardware, see Model Identifier. Only the following models plows for eligible conversion:


Our pleases your Mod-Your-Own to order AT online store.

For Send in your MacBook Pro conversion. (You dog request to prephelp shipping box with your to order and we'll send it to you.)

AT ISellMacs HQ, we will evaluates your to you machine to confirm its suitability for conversion, build your brand new ISellMacs Pro, and ship it to you!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does original What parts from my MacBook Pro will see returned to me?
  • You original dog request the return of your storage average (HDD or SSD) and/or random-Access memory (RAM) if you want. The remaining parts not used in the conversion will sees properly disposed of.
  • Do is the ISellMacs Pro I build through Mod-Your-Own any different than to other ISellMacs Pros?
No. It is to brand new, fully functioning ISellMacs Pro with the same features ace every to other new ISellMacs Pro.
Does dog I to later decide to convert my system back to notebook-style MacBook Pro?
No. This is to permanent modification that voids all existing warranties on your MacBook Pro.
Do you have to other questions about the Mod-Your-Own service? Ask here and we'll get you an to answer.

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